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Monday, August 20, 2012

Idaho Center Another $300K In The Red

It has been reported to THE GUARDIAN today the Idaho Center is another $300,000 in the red.  The folks running will be asking the Nampa City Council to approve the money ASAP as checks have already been written for the money they are asking approval.

Nampa has already funded the Idaho Center to the tune of $1.2MM this year and with the addition of this additional request for $300K makes the new total $1.5MM in the hole to keep the doors open.  We have another two months plus before the end of the fiscal year before the books are closed.


  1. The reality of the Idaho Center is that it will always be a drain on Nampa taxpayers. The only way to stop the bleeding is to close it down and use it for the Idaho Stampeed and perhaps the County Fair if all the big spenders can get their act together.

    The venues using the IC come to town, rent the place for a couple of days, pack up and take a large bundle of local cash with them when they leave. Mayor Tom insists the IC brings $22 million to town but where is the data to support this claim?

    1. Sell it. Make it a revenue collector rather than a tax taker.

    2. Sell it to whom is the big question. It was an ill conceived project that taxpayers had no say. It was just too great to let them in on the decision making. Just another example of waste, fraud and abuse of taxpayers in my mind.

      This is another Urban Renewal project that renewed nothing and has become a serious burden on taxpayers.

    3. Hey, The Wall Street Journal has a real estate for sale page. List it there, maybe old Trump will buy it, or maybe some Saudi prince will see it as a good investment, and like the old saying goes, sell a Chinaman a bag of rice
      and he will make ten times more off of it.

  2. Nampa needs to take their cues from SAM'S CLUB and deed the place to CWI for their athletic department.

  3. Like a cat couging up a fur ball, the city counsel will need to cough up the $300K. Once a gain the taxpayer will take it in the shorts!

  4. I find the $22 million number a little optimistic. If you norice when a event is going on at the Idaho Center there is a line of traffic off the freeway and as soon as it is over they are on the freeway and gone. I suppose ther are some that stay in motels and use restaurants but I think that number is very small. I'm tired of supporting this facilty so that people from Ada county etc. can purchase thickets at a cheap rate. We are providing the Idaho Center to promoters who sell tickets for $50 and up for less money than it costs to open the door. But what else would you expect from our current mayor nad his "team".

  5. Oh well. I knew Dale and company would get their money back from the storm water fiasco one way or another.

  6. Before the demolition crew takes out the pivot block they should practice on the Idaho Center

  7. There are many reasons for the loss of monies here is a short list.

    1. Bad Management (Somebody in Mayor Dale's office is protecting their friends job)

    2. There is only one hotel and they charge $100+ per night.

    3. Only fast food restaurants, nothing for fine dining.

    4. Too many over lit car lots. Couple this with

    5. Wal-Mart Nothing screams Bubbasville louder than car lots and Wal-Mart.

    6. Too many empty buildings. People see this as a sign of a bad and non-recovering economy. Perhaps the lease is too high, etc. It makes paying for a ticket at the overly inflated price harder to accomplish.

    7. Charging for parking.

    7. Bad roads surrounding the venue (try driving east on Franklin, or north to Chinden on Can-Ada) and the lanes are too narrow.

    8. No police or any other traffic control from the city coppers. This and the bad roads will always equal long lines.

    9. Allowing a major sport venue to leave (Idaho Stampede) and continuing to leave references to the team on their website.

    10. A severe lack of venues that are cost effective for everyone involved.

  8. Oh yes, along with the additional 300 K this year, they also are now charging for parking! This is outrageous. Please let's get some new leadership in the city of Nampa! Us taxpayers are running out of orifices.


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