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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nampa Police Building Cracks Continue Main Floor

It has been reported to THE GUARDIAN more cracks are appearing in the floors of the NPD building.  This latest set of cracks are on the main floor in the grand entry part of the building and are reported to be up to 50 feet in length.

THE GUARDIAN previously reported cracking in the basement area and water seeping in was a threat to the integrity of evidence stored in this part of the building.  The local paper ran a story on this today along with assurances the cracks are not a problem and will be repaired under warranty from the builder.

The real question is why are there all these cracks in a new building in the first place. One Guardian reader has made the observation regarding very old buildings in Nampa that are crack free after many decades of use.  This is a good question and anyone with a good answer is welcome to give us the info regarding this failure in a brand new building.


  1. Paul
    Admittedly second hand but origionated from a Nampa Police Department Lieutenant

    $17,000 worth of work has been done fixing the leaks in the new Public Safety Building basement
    Contractor has stood all costs and if necessary will do more if needed
    Somewhat different than story in Press-Tribune which pretty much indicated no problem
    we just put a little chewing gum in the cracks and that stopped the water.

    Cracks in the main floor--now that could be serious

    How did you like the editorial in Statesman today.
    I would be surprised if Dynamis shows up for the meeting with commissioners

  2. Can anyone explain why you can go into older buildings and you don't seen cracks in concrete floors. Is it the amount of rebar, hog wire or the concrete or did they simply do a better job of construction back then.

  3. I bought a new home in 1970 and the concrete driveway was cracking and breaking up in less than a year. It got so bad with edges and guests tripping that I had to replace it. It was about 17 years ago I had HESS Construction (Mark Hess) replace my driveway and there are no issues with cracks. This tells me it is a quality and workmanship failure in the new Nampa PD building.

  4. I say tear the whole thing down in the name of "urban renewal" and build another.

  5. The main problem is the old time honored tradition of "lowest bid." Rather than highest quality goods and services, which will last a long time the government has long encouraged half-a**ed mediocre work. It has been this way since the WPA and CCC were disbanded. Put it another way the Contractor was very sloppy and it is just that plain and simple. Which stands to reason because rather than do quality work they will now lose money making repairs.

    Because having egg on your face is viewed as embarrassing unless you are the city council and mayor in Nampa, then you believe it's a beauty treatment.

  6. In a world where build it cheap cheap cheap is condoned by the public when it comes to buildings being built at taxpayer expense, what did you expect?

    The fact is this building was not affordable in the first place if it would have been built not by the lowest bidder. More responsible decision making needs to be involved here. ALL PUBLIC BUILDING projects should be overseen by the voters and be put to the ballot box regardless of the source of income used to pay for it.

    Urban renewal has opened the door for many more cheap 10-20 year lifespan buildings for government to waste our money on from their slush funds known as Urban renewal!

  7. It is reasuring to me the builder will smear some goo into the cracks and call it good. Even more embarrasing is the city of Nampa and their "builder rep." not asking for some validation the concrete meets the spec. called for in the archetectural plans followed by some ASTM checking on the builder. Low bid does not have to be inferior if they hold the builder to the specified plans. Where is the data to support taxpayers actually got what they paid for?

  8. The green cement crew is at it again to schister the City and the taxpayers.

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