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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Team Tom Gives Urban Renewal $41K to Move Antenna?

It has been reported to THE GUARDIAN, Team Tom in Nampa spent $42k to move a communications antenna from City Hall to the New Police/Public Safety building. The money came from City General Fund Acct. 009-016-022-42-7780 and the check was handed over to NDC, the URA for Nampa.

There also appears to be a tussle over City money getting spent for property inside the URA boundaries.  The City of Nampa has spent a reported $4.5MM on the acquisition of various properties for NDC future projects.  NDC has not repaid this debt to the City of Nampa General Fund.  Meanwhile, the recession has put Nampa City coffers into Old Mother Hubbard's Cupboard status with Team Tom scratching their collective head for more and more money but none is there.  They spent several years ago it in anticipation of prompt repayment from NDC and didn't factor in the nasty recession we all find ourselves in today.

Also reported to THE GUARDIAN, NDC internal documents project it will require nearly $10 million/yr. in Urban Renewal property tax dollars to pay for all the grandiose plans and projects like the new library and the Pivot Block stuff on Team Toms Urban Renewal shopping list. Today, property taxes (the increment) flowing to NDC/Urban Renewal is about $3MM/year.  In order to meet the projects scheduled by Team Tom and NDC the defined area of Nampa Urban Renewal will have to increase by 300% immediately.

We're broke but Team Tom got that dang antenna off city hall property and trucked to the new Public Safety Building for a mere $41,933.01.  This must be another case of the Magic of Urban Renewal.


  1. I hope we can hold out untill the next election then maybe we can get this nonsense under control.

  2. Thanks to Paul and others, the raiding of the tax coffers by Tom Dale and Garret Nancolas are well known but apparently by only a handful of concerned citizens. Unless and until other local media run with the story, this will be a non-issue in future mayoral races. Unfortunately their seems to be a wink,wink attitude of the press/tribune regarding anything controversial regarding Dale and Nancolas. How unfortunate that the press/tribune fails to serve the citizens of Canyon county this way.

  3. Police and fire departments find themselves in a real bind in Caldwell and Nampa. City of Caldwell cut firemen's wages by 5% citing lack of money after 3 million siphoned off by Urban Renewel. Police and Fire in Nampa now have a brand new building and covered storage for their cars but alas,the city had to lay 12 people off because of lack of funds and new building has to be paid for

  4. NDC's annual report reveals a budgeted cost of $147,923.07 for "911 Tower Construction Fees" for the new Police station.

    Perhaps a review of what was included in the bid to build the tower is in order. It would seem that the 42K cost of moving the antenna was not in this bid? If not, why not?
    This same report lists $25,000 from "rentals", which I could only come from the business properties which are located on the new Library block.
    There are several businesses located there, (Taco Time, a Church, and several smaller businesses)which collectively paid about $2000.00 a month for rent. No wonder this same report can claim that business vacancy rates are low in this area!

    These businesses will be eventually forced to move, but until they are forced to move, their monthly rental costs are rumored to be a mere $1 per month until that time.

    Caldwell CEURA paid as much as $100,000 per business for "costs of relocation", which it appears Nampa has decided not to do in lieu of grossly reduced rental costs for those businesses effected by the redevelopment of this block in downtown Nampa.

    If there is no "Cinderella date" on the leases for these many businesses, the lack of funding for development of this block could mean a continuing financial windfall for these businesses at the cost of the taxpayers. The concept of fair market rent is apparently not in the lexicon of NDC.

    1. Looks to me like an audit needs to be done with a real critical eye here. Seems to me like the cost of moving the antenna should have been included in those fees.

  5. When a politician uses the words fiscal and conservative what they are really saying is "I'll use taxpayer money to add to the coffers of others (Urban Renewal) so I can look 'fiscal' and I am a conservative liar.

    Was there a real reason for the new police building other than "falling all over ourselves (clumsy oafs)" The damn thing wastes money just in bad lighting alone (but don't worry the scareddy cats fell somewhat safer). If you needed more space what was wrong with where the fountain is currently located?

    Love how they spent and spent and spent and still had to pay extra to relocate an antenna to the new public safety building. Tell me why we need the lowest bidder system again. Wait until the city has to pay to move away from the 700MHz radio system in 5-years.

  6. The State House phone number is 332-1000 and the good people at the State Capitol will put you into their voice mail. Also, here's a link to all the House membership email and other contact information:

    I think they are relying on people not paying attention to what they do or don't do for the people they are supposed to represent.

  7. The people in Nampa are getting wise to Team Tom's game. Teflon Tom is slipping alright, and his other foot is on a banana peel. I doubt if he runs again, because he sure won't be re-elected again in 2013.

  8. I think anonymous has it right. Stupid politicians are wasting money they don't have, building what we don't need,while sacrificing valuable public safety employees to do it and then having the gall to say see if you don't give me more money then you are the reason why I will have to lay off more. Mayors tweedle dee and tweedle dum, please turn in your dunce caps at the door and resign NOW!


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