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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Urban Renewal Like Kids In Candy Store And No Adult Supervision

Urban renewal laws in Idaho have been operating like "kids in a candy store" with no adult supervision for more than two decades.  Canyon and Ada County's Tax Payer Accountability Committee has worked tirelessly since last spring on the legislation that will help put voters back into the Urban Renewal process.

There were seven pieces of legislation introduced in Rep. Lenore Barrett's Local Government Committee yesterday.  THE GUARDIAN is aware of these pieces of legislation and taxpayer grievances with urban renewal in Idaho.  Pork projects all over Idaho fomented the need for legislative changes this year.

In short, the legislation will bring voters to the table in how urban renewal agencies get started and are funded.  A vote of the people in the formation of the agency, vote on members of the boards, and a vote of the people when urban renewal agencies wish to go into debt via revenue bonds is at the core of this effort (TAXATION WITH REPRESENTATION).

Outright repeal of Urban Renewal is also on the table this year.  It may sound draconian to some folks but the reality is Urban Renewal Laws in Idaho are a cobbled up series of patchwork legislation dating back to 1965.  Repeal with a three year moratorium would allow lawmakers to craft new legislation.  Voter oversight and management of the "kids in the candy store" is what all Idaho voters and taxpayers could expect if the current UR legislation gets repealed.

Stay tuned for more, this effort is just getting out of the gate and promises to be one of the more interesting debates in the Legislature this year. TAX AND SPEND proponents will be out in force to kill all of this legislation.

Here's a link to contact members of the Idaho Legislature via email Link to Members of Legislature .  This will take you to the web page for the Idaho Legislature should you wish to leave a comment for House or Senate members.  Canyon County Legislators were part of a guest opinion this week in the local paper asking for your comments and input on legislation.  Email as well as other contact info is on the link we have provided in this post.


  1. Ga says..
    I would be willing to bet most legislators haven't a clue how urban renewal actually works. How in the world can we expect them to fix something they don't understand.

  2. I see in todays IPT that Canyon County commisioner Kathy Alder was appointed to the Urban Renewal board . Seems they sure like to keep things in the family. Mr. Dale doesn't seem to want to take a chance on someone who might not go along with the program.

  3. I cannot believe Kathy Alder is still in office!

  4. As more and more is going to be found out about these city/county relationships in the near future, especially the issue concerning a large amount of money that can't be accounted for, concerning some kind of shady backroom deal, that nobody wants to talk about, I am going to really pay attention who I vote for, in Nampa's City Council elections this fall.

  5. Yeah me either considering none of us voted for her right? Guess those naysayers should of been a little more careful of who they elected to replace Beebe.

  6. Have you read the paper today, 2-17-11 Press Tribune? Little Tommy D is sure having a temper tantrum fit over letting the people having a say on how their money is spent. The dominoes are beginning to fall.


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