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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Let The Finger Pointing Begin In The Bujak Debacle

Despite warnings about public money and the need to put it in a public treasury the Canyon County Commishes are now trying to download all the responsibility for the Bujak debacle onto Bill Hurst.

 The layers of this onion will start to get peeled back over the next few months. All the written documents will surface around the Bujak-County Prosecutorial contract with Nampa will slowly become public record.  We will get to find out who is responsible for this debacle.  We can only hope a Forensic Audit will take place.

Nampa City Councilors won't take any responsibility for their less than stellar actions.  Canyon County Commishes are pointing their collective fingers at Bill Hurst and they won't "MAN-UP" for their ineptitude.  They all need to resign and let taxpayers have a do-over with new people in these positions of responsiblity and trust.  How can they justify continuing in their jobs with the huge salaries they make at our expense? 

The Guardian is wondering out loud if any of our elected officials who approved this funny business with public money gave any thought to making Mr. Bujak pony up a Surety Bond for all this cash.  Probably not if my guess is correct.  This means taxpayers will be left holding the bag on this one.  The contract was outside Mr. Bujak's county fiduciary responsibility as a county employee when they ran the money through his private law firm.  This means the County will have no recourse to collect from a person who is obviously broke and has no money.  He will discharge all this in bankruptcy court if he isn't found guilty of any criminal activity.

The only thing that will set this straight with the public is for all the County Commishes to tender their resignations and same goes for the Nampa City Council except for Mr. Kren who was against this goofy arrangement.

A last point here is why Mr. Hurst would have any loyalty to the Canyon County Republican Party is beyond our ability understand.  Mr. Hurst has a  clear paper trail of his concerns, the outside auditors expressed concerns, Dan Chadwick of the Idaho Assoc. of Counties expressed concerns but all the people agreeing to this deal now want to hold Hurst responsible.  This is truly laughable. The meeting minutes and recordings of the Commishes will be a telling public record as all this gets taken apart a layer at a time starting with the June 14th minutes of this year.

 It really is time for people to start to consider a City/County Manager form of government given the ineptitude and irresponsibility of all this business.  None of the elected officials involved would make it to the interview process if they had to apply for the jobs they now hold. We have bought and paid for competent management of our cities and counties but we don't get what we've paid for with what we are getting.
We have a right to expect HONESTY, INTEGRITY AND FIDUCIDARY RESPONSIBLITY from our elected and appointed officials.


  1. Kathy Alder pointing her finger at Bill Hurst over this mess is crazy. She has not lived up to a single campaing issue she ran on to get elected.

    Ferdinand and Rule are another pair to draw to for some intellegent insights into this highly questionalbe arrangement with public money.

    Mr. Henry and Bill Hurst are looking like to good guys from where I am sitting.

  2. Fiona says..
    As stated by Paul the Commissioners and Nampa City Council need to MAN-UP and take responsibilty for their collective actions and stop pointing fingers at others.

  3. This is just another example of why the jail bond vote failed 3 times and will continue to fail unless and until mayor Dale, commissioners Alder,Ferdinand, and Rule resign for the good of the city of Nampa and Canyon county. You couldn't possibly ask for a clearer demonstration of incompetence by these 4 career politicians. Dave Ferdinand in particular needs to answer to legitimate questions posed to him rather than dodge them because the truth is uncomfortable for him.
    Brian Vermillion

  4. Mr. Bujak, shame on you. To think that I voted for you and had a campaign sign on my property makes me sick. No one is perfect, but you pretended to be. If you where dishonest with public funds, how can you call yourself a member of the GOP? Aren't we supposed to look out for the taxpayers, protect them from the waste of our public funds? I also have a feeling that you did some fishy stuff while you were P.A. Look what you did to Vincent Sanchez! Ten years or something go by and you go after him during a campaign for having a girlfriend that was 17 years old in the year 2000? Maybe I don't have my facts straight, but I bet they are better than Bujak's.

  5. Sure they required Bujak to post a bond just like they required Rod Rohm to post one. All of the bids turned in for the IT work were turned down by the commissioners and required a bond as a part of their bid. Mr Rohm ended up with the contract do you think he posted a bond like all the others had to?
    Rohm was a personal friend of Ferdinand therefor one of the their good old boys just like Bujak.They look out for their buddies not the tax payers.

  6. Bill Hurst should leave the Republican party and become a Libertarian. The Republican party has done nothing but treated him like trash.

  7. Editor Note:
    We received word from a legal mind in the community that if there is a "fiduciary" issue involved with the Bujak mess it will not be discharged in bankruptcy.

    The second issue is there are two names that have surfaced to replace Bujak. They are Todd Lakey and Curtis McKinzie. Mr. Lakey resigned from the Commission and was replaced by appointment of Mr. Ferdinand. McKinzie, a lawyer is a State Senator from Nampa.

  8. Just like Lee Harvey Oswald took the fall for the JFK assassination, John "Lee" Bujaks will more than likely take the rap for the misdoings of the Canyon County Commissioners along with the Nampa City Council. While I am at it, why doesn't Bill Thompson of Moscow and the Idaho State Police look into Bujak's ex co-workers "illegal acceptance" of public funds along with his ex chief of staff. Mr. Timothy (Oh Timothy) Fleming along with the others in his department TOOK pay those pay raises just like kids take candy ; difference is, candy doesn't have much intrinsic value in our monetary form of public bartering. The fact that their raises came from a public funded money pool should constitute moral turpitude dishonesty. Just like a thief commits the act of theft by taking "unappropriated" property, or a skid row junkie stealing syringes from his pusher, so too, did Mr. Fleming and his subordinates by TAKING public funds for their malignant narcissistic personalities. Mr. Fleming should reevaluate his thought process lawyer mentality that he should have learned at UI Law and focused more of his wasted taxpayer funded energy in becoming a more rational and responsible individual (Oh Timothy). My bad, let me rephrase that. You do not need to have a brain to prosecute cases that involve almost 99.9% plea agreements in this county. What a way to repay the $100,000 law school student loan bill by depriving individuals in this county the right of due process. What kind of court system do we have when you have that kind of biased approach in our courts? In for a penny, out for a pound.......


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