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Saturday, December 12, 2009

TVCC Building Permit Issued With Only 32 Parking Spaces

THE GUARDIAN is concerned about the number of parking spaces that will accompany the new TVCC project in downtown Caldwell. The "city deciders" have determined the project is not a school but rather a "educational services" building and will only need to have 32 parking spaces. Numbers of students anticipated to use this facility have been estimated at a high end of 1500.

We have heard our "city deciders" at all levels tell us this project will bring CRITICAL MASS to our dying downtown. When we inquired about the parking plan and heard only 32 additional parking spaces were part of the parking plan we decided to investigate this matter further. Here is what we got:

The previous figure was based upon “public or quasi-public use” which requires 1 parking space per 300 square feet of gross floor area. However, the building is actually classified as “educational services” since the entire building will be used for the community college and none of it will be used at all, whatsoever, for city offices. “Educational services” requires 1 parking space per classroom.

These parking requirements are taken from Table 10-12-2 “Minimum Parking Standards” from Section 10-12-04(16) of City Code. Counting the classrooms, the science labs, the computer labs, and the work space rooms, there are 32 classrooms which equates, then, to 32 required parking spaces. The 32 required parking spaces can be obtained from on site or off site parking, street parking or shared parking with another use.

In this case, all parking required from the ordinance (which, again, the ordinance requires 32 spaces) will be obtained from street parking within 400 feet of the site, as per the ordinance. If you’d like to come in, I can pull the building permit application and review with you the 32 required spaces.

Please feel free to call me at 455-4662 should you have any questions regarding this matter.
Thank you,
Anne Marie Skinner
Senior Planner"

We did receive a call from Caldwell City Finance Director and Caldwell East Urban Renewal Agency Chairman, Eljay Waite that a parking plan with additional parking spaces would be put forth around mid-January 2010. The number was around 400 spaces in and around the area. City deciders have described this project as the critical mass that will bring economic revival to our downtown. If adequate parking is not resolved to meet the needs of existing business owners we may see a further decline in business activity.

Right now I can think of two reasons to go downtown Caldwell. My barber who is located at 7th and Arthur and the Post Office. There are two hour parking limit signs up all over downtown that are routinely ignored. We can only hope the parking problems get taken care of to the satisfaction of business owners downtown.


  1. Kind sir;
    I don't care about the current non existent downtown parking problems. Name me one person who has invested 1/10th of the money these people are laying on the line. I have talked with several people who know the city and/or the developers are currently shopping for additional parking. Why is it you think you need to throw a wretch in the cogwork of each and everything they have done thus far. I have never heard you even once, and please correct me if I am wrong, compliment them for the fantastic turn around they have done for downtown Caldwell's appearance. You now have unescorted women walking the greenbelt and they would not do it if they did not feel safe in doing so which was definately the case in the last 35 years. Personally I think they have driven the 16 penny nail squarely on the head and driven it all the way in. My hats off to these inspirational men who have a clear view of what they want the future of Caldwell to be. So instead of constantly trying to be a cocker burr in their shorts which is your right as an American to do so would you kindly step back and try and see the forrest instead of the trees and let them run with it for a change.
    Most respectfully yours,

  2. The real challenge is to give people a reason to go downtown. That means the people who live here. Housing like the Vineyard project at Linden and Chicago if located downtown would have brought all the people living there in close proximity to downtown and helped to create demand for goods and services. Too bad it got built close to virtually nothing for the senior citizens living there.

    Rooftops in a community create opportunity. TVCC downtown is of questionable value to the revitalization of downtown Caldwell. The money has been spent now we wait to see how this will work out for downtown as well as the citizens of Caldwell.

  3. So how much of your taxes have gone to CEURA Paul?
    20%, 30%, how much?

    Do all Caldwell City residents have to pay out of their property taxes or just some of them?

    Who is footing the bill here?

  4. OK Mr. Guardian you yourself stated you only go downtown for haircuts and the Post Office. Correct?
    If so then why do you care? I shop at local business all the time and you, as you stated do not.
    So just maybe with this temendous influx of cash being spent downtown there is a shot at a real trun around.
    The daylighting of Indian Creek spent more money in what? 5-6 years than had been spent in the previous 50 years. I have not heard, with the exception of you, one negative comment about what has happened thus far downtown.
    To have this kind of forward thinking in this economy takes some real courage. Will it work? Yes, I believe it will. Had they not have done this where in the heck would we be? Being a local businessman I saw first hand the constant downward spirial this town was experiancing. I can remember riots when I was first out of collage. The city actually bought a used airport foam truck which was labeled, not by me, but by the locals as the "degreaser" for the hoodlums that gathered by a former dance hall where the current Caldwell Police Station is now. Being politically correct the ONLY way they could stamp this behavior out was by purchasing it. The Tico Tico bar in the 700 block of MAIN St. was know as the local place where migrants could purchase Green cards, drugs, women and/or fire arms.
    As I mentioned in my previous post on this topic that is all gone now as unescorted women can stroll this area unacosted.
    TVCC will be a major boost as other close in properties have been pruchased by other businesses but are hold for a wait and see scenario.
    I own properties locally and if I have to pay a little more it is worth it in my opinion. At least we have a direction for improvement and if it doesn't work out then so be it. At somebody tried and evil prevails when good men do nothing.
    Most respectviely yours,

  5. Wow Paul, looks like Spudsman1 is another member of team Garret. Who cares how good downtown looks if NO ONE is there? Oh wait a community college will bring the masses to downtown right? WRONG!!! These people are either to poor or too busy to go to a four year university, that is why they seek higher education that fits their budget or time constraints. They will not shop in downtown, and I for one applaude you Paul for bringing up the Parking issue. The Mayor said there will be no need for a parking stucture of any type during the elections. But you just wait it is coming, and no dout it will come from Urban Renewal money. I am glad you feel safe in Caldwell, but at the rate we are going Caldwell will be a ghost town that just serves as a bedroom for BUSINESS in Nampa and Boise. Get a clue.

  6. Editor Note:
    The point I was trying to make is we need to have a downtown that gives people a reason to want to go downtown. In my post I forgot to add the Bank and the drop box for the water bills at City Hall. Mrs. Guardian shops at the Craft Corner.

    The Baby Boomers are getting to retirement age and will have to make some lifestyle choices as they get older. Rooftops downtown and I am thinking condos and apartments that cater to this group would bring people downtown. Bottom floors commercial and retail with upper floors living space for people. You get above the tree line and the view of the Boise Front and Owyhees is something to behold. The golf course and walking proximity to the hospital and doctors offices. Downtown has a lot to offer but it will require incentives and the right projects to attract people who would be potential residents in the downtown core. Other cities have achieved this renewal effort, why not Caldwell?

  7. Hopefully, TVCC students will park in the hundreds of parking slots next to the depot. As the students walk to class, they will walk past several downtown businesses ready to welcome them to downtown!

  8. I am sure all of the beer joints and bars they walk past would be more than proud to serve them!Why they could even go to them for lunch and get a couple hydraulic sandwiches!


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