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Friday, March 20, 2009

Mayor Nancolas Comment on Youth Trip to Washington DC

Mayor Nancolas sent me the following comment upon receipt of my public records request for the taxpayer costs of the trip to Washington DC by himself and seven local high school students.

"Another example of the great service these students provide for our community. If this isn't a public purpose, then I truly don't know what is!!!


I will post the taxpayer costs for this trip when the Caldwell City Clerk responds to my public records request for the expense reports. Clearly, the costs were not totally underwritten by local businesses, nor did the students raise the full costs of the trip based on the Mayor's response. Taxpayers paid for costs and we deserve to know to what it cost us for this unnecessary trip.

Our Singing Mayors need to take a lesson from the kids who got President Obama's attention via You Tube this past week. They got their message across and a visit from President Obama.

Secondly, in this economy people are having to tighten their collective belts just to make ends meet,this trip flies in the face of all taxpayers. We expect and demand our elected officials keep one eye on the horrizon and the other on the bottom line.

Mayors Nancolas and Dale need to think USPS, Fax, Priority Mail, FEDEX, next time to deliver a petition. You can even get a confirmation of delivery with the rather modest cost involved with these services. These students were the only ones from Idaho cities to attend the National League of Cities Conference.

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  1. I know Garret wants these students to have many opportunities for experiencing how government works, but I have talked to a few of these students who have attended these trips and all they ever say is "we had an awesome time". Trips of this sort should be funded exclusively by private donations. NOT from official City budget expenditures.


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