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Monday, August 11, 2008

Canyon County Voting Survery at Fair Results

People who stopped by the Canyon County Elections Office’s booth at the county fair were able to learn about the new voting system, and were also able to answer survey questions which will be used by the county in future planning.

Of those who voted, 58 percent were female, and 82 percent were age 35 and older. Following are the results of the survey:

What is the most important issue facing Canyon County today?

Economy 32%
Growth 22%
Crime 19%
Education 14%
Traffic 3%
Other 3%

What do you like best about living in Canyon County?

Farm lifestyle 35%
The people 26%
Urban lifestyle 13%
Climate 8%
Scenery/terrain 8%
Recreational opportunities 7%
Other 3%

How safe do you feel living in Canyon County?

Very safe 18%
Safe 52%
Somewhat safe 27%
Unsafe 3%
Very unsafe 1%

How would overcrowding in the jail best be solved?

Pass a bond to build a new facility 36%
Remodel the existing facility 29%
Make inmates sleep on the floor 26%
Give shorter sentences 6%
No change is needed 3%

How should the county fund jail construction or upgrades?

A bond election 48%
With budgeted funds 46%
Local-option tax 7%

Should a local-option tax be used to expand the county jail?

Yes 24%
No 49%
Don’t know 27%

Where should motor vehicle offices be located?

Both Nampa and Caldwell 51%
A single, central location 39%
Don’t care 11%

Where do you recreate?

Lake Lowell only 13%
Gott’s Point only 0%
Lake Lowell and Gott’s Point 2%
Lake Lowell and Snake River 14%
Gott’s Point and Snake River .47%
All three locations 17%
None of these locations 53%

What do you think should be done with the Canyon County Fairgrounds?

Keep the existing location, but upgrade the facilities 52%
Build new facilities at a new location 21%
Keep the existing location 19%
Partner with Ada County to build a new fairgrounds 8%

How often do you vote?

Every election 79%
Every General Election 10%
Every Primary Election 1%
Occasionally 8%
Never 2%

How would you prefer to vote?

At your precinct on Election Day 70%
Early, at a specified polling location 6%
By mail 22%
Other 2%

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