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Friday, April 4, 2008

Nampa Urban Renewal Update

Nampa Urban Renewal Agency goes to court on the 30th of April to try and get a judge to declare $68 million for a new police station and a library as "ordinary and necessary" expenses for the city of Nampa. Right now all they want is $15 million to buy and clear the land.

There are now three petitions before the court asking that the Nampa Urban Renewal Agency petition be denied. Judaical confirmation process used by Nampa is an effort to evade a voter approved bond election for these projects. If the judge says OK they can issue Revenue Bonds without voter.

Previous Idaho case law has done a really good job of defining "ordinary and necessary". We get to see how the Nampa petition get treated in the Third Judicial District Court. The local judges recused themselves so no bias from the locals is claimed by those in opposition or in support of the Nampa effort.

THE GUARDIAN has no opinion on the merits of Nampa projects other than we want to see voter oversight via a bond election. Stay tuned as this one will be worth following.


  1. Paul, I noticed that you and Glenn Koch got a butt out letter today in the IPT. What Mr. Morgan doesn’t understand, is that the urban renewal areas are taken off the tax rolls and no county taxes are collected. That means the rest of us have to make-up the difference. An urban renewal area in any city within the county does affect all taxpayers within the county.

  2. mr. morgan does not know what he is talking about. the actions taken are petitions against wht nampa is trying to get away with. mr. ted morgan needs to get his facts straight before he attacks someone for exercising their constitutional rights.

    there is a huge difference between a lawsuit and a petition for denial.


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